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Laura Beardsell-Moore is an artist living and working in Suffolk.

I specialise in oil paintings inspired by gardens, fields and woodlands. I am interested in the beauty and the fragility of the world around us and how to describe that in paint.

I have always felt a very strong connection to the natural world from my earliest days climbing trees, making dens and discovering creatures in the fields and woods in the small Suffolk village where I grew up. This sense of wonder has never left me but now I feel a much greater sense of responsibility towards it.

My paintings are mainly figurative but I try to unsettle the subject matter by using expressive marks, paint splatters and also by ‘stretching’ the image into the background and allowing the background to come over the subject. I am interested in ways of representing something mortal or ephemeral in a permanent image.

I have always been fascinated by the natural world and our sometimes complex relationship with it. Making art helps me to describe this relationship. I’m interested in how we as humans affect the environment but also how we are affected by it and the positive impact it can have on our wellbeing.

I am influenced in part by environmental events on a global scale and the destruction of natural habitats. However, much of my work explores the interesting and sometimes overlooked details of the local landscape and the flora and fauna around us. The idea is that the small things matter as much as the big things.

Immersing ourselves in the natural landscape, away from the busyness of towns and cities, can be healing and uplifting. I believe that mindfulness and empathy can be enhanced through a strong relationship with the real ‘unfiltered’ world around us. My paintings are an attempt to describe a connection with our impermanent and changing world.

My art background

After completing an Art Foundation, I spent a further three years studying for a BA (hons) in Art and History of Art at the Winchester School of Art. I went on to complete a Masters Degree in Contemporary Art, Criticism and Philosophy at the University of Essex. More recently I completed a course at Central St Martins specialising in colour theory. 

I am passionate about helping others to get enjoyment from art and to develop their own style of creation. In the past I have taught art at GCSE and A Level and have also taught BA (hons) Fine Art students at degree level.

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