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Are you looking for something truly special for that space above the fireplace? Or perhaps you’d love a portrait of your beloved dog, prize-winning horse or ruler-of-the-home cat? Maybe something in my portfolio has caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right colour or size for your home.

It’s a simple process to commission an artwork. I take time and care to work with you on the concept and composition beforehand so that I can create something you can cherish forever.

Pet portraits

Pet portraits can often be the most straightforward type of commission, especially if you already have some good quality photographs of your pet. A pet portrait is a lovely way to create a lasting memory of your best friend.

Check out my bespoke pet portrait website for examples of other portraits and advice on taking a good quality photograph.

When you are happy with your selection of photographs, just send me an email stating what size portrait you would like and include a few high resolution photographs and I will work up a composition.

Visit my bespoke pet portraits website


I don’t take on very many human portraits but if you would like to discuss commissioning a portrait, please get in touch.


Flowers, vehicles, objects and anything else

People have asked me to paint many different things from trains, boats and houses to flowers, chickens or wildlife.

If you like my style of painting and would like to commission an oil painting for that perfect spot, please get in touch for a conversation.

If you already have a photograph you would like me to work from, then the process is very straightforward. Please note, it is important that you own the copyright for the photograph or that you have permission from the person who took it.

If you do not have a photograph but have an idea that you would like developed into a painting, I am very happy to offer a bespoke quotation. For this type of commission I will need to factor in research, site visits, preparatory work and amendments based on discussions with you along with creating the painting.


Pet portraits pricing structure

Other examples

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