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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden SOLD


Awakening - purple iris SOLD

Birch Bark With Light And Shadows Playing Across The Bark

Light and shadows

Light and shadows Oil painting of birch bark with light and shadows playing across the…

Two Conkers And Leaves

Autumn treasure II

Autumn treasure II Oil painting of a conkers and leaves in the golden late autumn…

Oil Painting Of Two Conkers

Autumn treasure I

Autumn treasure I Oil painting of two conkers in the late autumn light. 33cm x…

Nasturtiums - Backlit

Nasturtiums – backlit

Nasturtiums - backlit Oil painting of a jar of nasturtiums lit from behind. 33cm x…

Oil Painting Ephemeral Beauty

Ephemeral beauty

Ephemeral beauty Oil painting of cherry blossom from a tree on one of our favourite…

Apple blossom II

Apple blossom II Oil painting of apple blossom from the tree in my brother's garden…

Apple Blossom Oil Painting

Apple blossom

Apple blossom Oil painting of Morello cherry blossom from the tree in our back garden.…

Morello Cherry Blossom Oil Painting By Laura Beardsell-Moore

Morello cherry blossom

Morello cherry blossom Oil painting of Morello cherry blossom from the tree in our back…

Oil Painting Of Lemons And Jug

Lemons and jug

Lemons and jug Oil painting of some juicy lemons in front of a rustic jug.…

After The Storm Blue Tit Painting

After the storm

After the storm Oil painting of a blue tit. 26.5cm x 26.5cm approx, framed. Oil…

Summer Memories Oil Painting

Summer memories

Summer memories Oil painting of a rose. 44cm x 44cm approx, framed. Oil on board.…

Apple Blossom

The promise

The promise Oil painting of cooking apple blossom on my brother's tree. 74cm x 74cm…

Clementines In A Bowl

Clementines in a bowl

Clementines in a bowl Oil painting of some juicy clementines in a patterned bowl. 26.5cm…

Four Grapes Oil Painting

Four grapes

Four grapes Oil painting of four grapes. 26.5cm x 26.5cm, framed. £195 If you are…

Autumn Sunlight

Autumn Sunlight

Autumn sunlight Autumn sunlight focuses on the beautiful shapes and patterns found in birch bark.…

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